Lunch in style at O2 Cafe la de Ville. 

A recent food war has been trending on social media between Coke Studio artists Danyal Zafar and Momina Mustehsan. While Danyal Zafar urges his fans to use the hashtag #desinomore, Momina is all set to win the war by saying #desirocks. While one is promoting desi food and another is discarding the same, us Indoris have never found it in our heart to reject any food whatsoever. 

Such has been proved by O2 Cafe de la Villa with its all new fusion menu. Who says we can’t find a perfect balance between desi and foreign? And what gets ‘desier’ than ‘Jeeravan Potato Popcorn’, ‘Red Velvet Kulfi Block’ and ‘Chocolate Chappan Bhog’? This new menu has captured our attention and the food has proved to be heaven to our palet. 

A personalised blogger’s meet was organised by O2 cafe and Indori Zayka where we were invited for lunch with our friends and family. A different kind of meet this time, it turned out to be a whole new and refreshing experience.
Adding on to the grace, the place was glorified by someone very special.
Sporting a crisp white chef coat with jamaicans and sneakers, their he was, The Style Chef, with his trademark ponytail and wide grin.

Chef Shailendra Kekade, has 25 years of experience in the food industry working in UK, USA and Italy before finding himself back in his home city, Poona. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have met him so early in our lives. He personally oversaw every item in the menu, and his creations are nothing short of fantastic. He interacted personally with all of us, and his charming demeanour made the lunch a cherished one.

Coming to the point, while there is no dish that isn’t mention-worthy, here are some of them that blew us away:

Corn Chowder Pav Wala

Filled up inside a round hollow bread, this soup was a perfect start to our lunch. The smooth texture and the right amout of flavours is a must order for corn lovers who have an affinity for presentation. 

Spinach Jalapeno Hummus

The extra ordinary look and feel of this dish is enough to decide upon an order, and as a hummus lover I can tell you that this will make your day. It is topped with black olives, olive oil, a little sprinkle of red pepper powder and is accompanied with delicious garlic bread. 

Matar Kulcha

This dish truely justifies the fusion theme of the new menu. The perfectly made kulchas were accompanied by a desi salsa and a not-so-desi creamy dip. What a delightful combination! 

Coconut and Lichi Crush

Served in a real coconut, the blend of Lichi with coconut water is as refreshing as a mocktail can get. A must try at O2 cafe.

Hyderabadi Chicken Keema Biryani

An absolute delight for non-veg lovers, this dish is flavourful in every bite. A true value for money, it is perfect as a main. It’s vegetarian version Subz Chhena Biryani is equally appealing and had our tummies full with joy.

Chocolate Chappan Bhog

A dessert more than enough for an entire group, it is as sufficient as it is sinful. A tray of brownie, condensed milk, chocolate ice cream and chocolate mousse, the star of this dessert were the mini rasmalai and rum balls. A satisfactory end to an even more satisfactory meal.

To make eating a complete experience, O2 Cafe is built up with beautiful interiors. While some walls are made with bold colors like yellow and red, some adorn soothing English colors, fusion everywhere! What won’t miss your eye is the huge clock on a wall and a green corner satiated with flower baskets.

The entire ambience is just so well favoured that it seems like it is straight out of a beautiful French town. 
Head over and be amazed!


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