Roaring with Simba

simba_beer_fizzWhat started as the sheer love for the name ‘Simba’ has been transformed into a brand that is highly relatable to a huge chunk of the generation today.

A few days ago, Indore Bloggers Association organised a beer tasting session with Simba at Marbella, F Bar. We were hosted by Mr. Ishwaraj Bhatia, the Cheif Head of the company and Ms. Simran Bhatia. I loved the fact that they were passionate enough to spend time with us themselves instead of sending someone else.

Mr. Ishwaraj Bhatia told us that they had the name ‘Simba’ registered back when The Lion King released and I was delighted. Every aspect and nuance of the king of the jungle has been meticulously incorporated into their drink; end result: a beer brewed with the finest Indian malt, hopped perfectly for a smooth flavour all the while telling the story of millions of youngsters.



I along with many others identify with the brand personality a lot. The vibe is raw and authentic but not without ettiquetes. You’ll notice they have a lion dressed in tux as their mascot. ( A shoutout to @bearddesignco for the amazing work here) However chivalrous and wild, no one misbehaves in a tux.

Simba currently comes in two variants: Jungle Wheat and Lager beer.

The jungle wheat is centrifuged with a lot of sediments that makes it appear foggy and translucent. The taste of this beer is quite flavoured too, due to the infusion of coriander and lemongrass. The beer gets its yeast, imported from Germany, and the hops from Spain, making it a contemporary German wheat beer, with Indianising its manufacturing here in Raipur and adding the flavours.

The other variant is the Simba Lager, blue labelled beer bottle, is a diffusion of  Indian Malt and is a much stronger & popular premium beer.



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They are soon coming up with Beer Stout, a dark beer made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast.

I seem to have acquired a liking for Jungle Wheat though and I’m sure I’ll go back for more. It is smooth and tasty at the same time and can be a perfect companion for evenings. Who am I kidding. I might even chug some of it during the day! The fact that they run a small production and quality is their primary focus, makes me happier. No ingredient used is artifical, you’ll realise it with the first sip you take.




‘Chakna’ was sponsored and lovingly made by our fellow blogger and very amiable Chef Amit Pamnani. The snacks consisted of Tandoori Veg & Chicken Bruschettas, Classic Veg & Chicken Pizzas, Cheesy Mushrooms with a Cocktail Sauce, Fully Loaded Nachos, Fish Fingers, Cheese Corn Cigars dipped in Sweet Chilli Sauce ( our favorite out of all). Special thanks to him for such lovely food and also to have outnumbered the vegetarian snacks over non-vegetarian this time! 😀




The meet ended with a surprise Gift hamper from Ms. Simran Bhatia which included a very cool t-shirt, a classy glass and bucket. We also got to take a few beers home, talk about hospitality!

The experience was one of the best I had till now and to my surprise, I ended up going home with having decided upon a favourite beer.




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