Top 10 fancy cafes to visit in Indore


Located in the heart of the city, the perfect place for people who love chic cafes with a perfect touch of modernity with the classic French interiors. If you have particular taste of old music like Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong and more of rock and jazz, you will love this place. The place has an exceptional aura to it, with a huge amount of class. If you’re a person who loves French decor and laid back conversations with a great presentation and taste of food, this is your on the go place.

Classy ambience and beautiful antiques decorated on the wall welcome you giving the place a rustic look. They have a an exceptional menu with exotic dishes like Naanza, Desi Tiffins, etc.

Also, the way they serve these dishes is wonderful and something different. They’ve recently introduced their meal plans which call for amazing combos which won’t burn a hole in your pockets as well.

This place is recommended to all those who love old school interiors and eye pleasing food.


Popular for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. wall, the cafe has a very warm ambience.

It is famous for low lit interiors and its coffee and desserts.

The place has an interior as well as an exterior sitting, both, perfectly welcoming.

Also, the place is quite picturesque.

People are often seen clicking pictures around the cafe.

so if you’re someone with a tingle in your sweet tooth, this place should definitely be on your Wishlist.


To begin with, Hobnob has a delightfully aesthetic look, it gives an almost other-worldly feeling when you visit. You could grab any seat in there and feel like you are in a huge metropolitan city in the world. The outside is spacious and minimalistic, a perfect setting for a cafebar. The inside has a comfortable and homey atmosphere. Adorned with wood products and warm colors, Hobnob’s interior is extremely well-done.

The menu spectacularly puts an end to montony of the usual cafes.

Whether it is drinks or food, Hobnob has a great assortment of options to choose from and each one is equally lip-smacking as the other.ébar-vijay-nagar


It is one of the most artsy and aesthetic cafe in the city. The moment you enter this cafe, you get a homely feeling because of the vintage interiors and the colour theme . The styling of the cafe is all antique and elegant. They have an exquisite menu, parallel to their ambience , with interesting and exotic dishes like, Bunny Chow, Bruschetta, Enchiladas and many more. They also have a beautiful rooftop seating, laced with fairy lights, perfect for an evening visit. Go visit if you’re an aesthetic person and you have a thing for artsy places.


Central India’s first two storey cafe, with a twist of modern classic interiors.

This cafe greets you at the door, and you are taken such good care of, from the first hello, that there is nothing you could need that is not provided, quickly and with a smile. The food is eclectic, delicious, and served promptly and hot. One side note. Though the food is fresh and organic, with many vegetarian choices, the combinations of items makes each dish truly unique. Also the presentation. Their watermelon mojito was extraordinary, in taste and in presentation as they serve it in a watermelon itself. So if you’re wondering where to peacefully spend your next weekend, you have an answer now.


Envious of the famous New York style cafe bars, with beautiful wooden interiors and comfortable couches, where you could just sit, booze and have fun with your gang? TDS has made it possible for you to do all of this, right here in Indore. With lavishly designed wooden interiors and plush seating, it is the perfect place for the girl-gang brunch, boys night out boozing or tapping your feet in a dance party. They also run happy hours where they offer great deals on alcohol and food both. (Yes its a real place and not a fictional one from those American sitcoms.)


Mama Loca, a themed restaurant with greek and lebanese delicacies. Classic greek ambience with music to stimulate the ears and a cozy setting. The white and blue decor is way too pleasing to the eyes. Even though the cafe is amidst the city, the ambience is totally enticing and peaceful. The concept of wall gardens was something totally new. Amongst other exclusive things, it features a live bar and a full hd screen projector. The cutlery, music, art, ambience, food everything is on point and of one of its kind. The food maintains it’s authenticity complying with the cuisine of the restaurant. All in all its an amazing place, with startling music, welcoming staff, mouth watering food, eye catchy presentation and astonishing service. 



This by far is one of the most enchanting restaurants of Indore city as it offers splendid rooftop views from its Mediterranean architecture along with genuine, delicacies of middle Eastern, European and Mediterranean parts of the world. They serve you a complimentary basket of assorted bread with assorted sauces to get your evening started. Expect hummus, baba ghanoush and garlic curd kind of yummy spreads with pita, garlic bread and soup stick. 

Sayaji is not an unknown name when it comes to food and hospitality. Mediterra is a feather in Sayaji’s hat. Perfect ambiance, scintillating view, satisfying food and commendable service.


FBar and Kitchen is famous restaurant chain serving it’s customers in metro cities across India and it continues to live to expectations in Indore as well.  One of the most beautiful conventionally designed restaurant to cherish by the city. The place includes dining beside a swimming pool, which is perfect for a date, a get together or quick gathering. 

Food quality as well as variety is astonishingly mouth watering. Just plan among friends and head out here to enjoy the night.

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