Blogger’s meet at Mitti Cafe


 Mitti Cafe is as authentic as it looks and sounds. The cafe’s style and menu have successfully created a balance between desi and modern aesthetics. The heavenly food is just a cherry on top!

Starting with the beverages, the many flavored kulhad chai will soothe your soul. All the shakes are made with real fruits instead of syrups, and the chocolate shake is to die for. What made our day though, was the spinach drink featuring celery; a thorough nourishment to the mind and body.

Savoury items give a tough competition to the beverages. We were surprised to know that 80 percent dishes served in the cafe are organic. We tasted Kulhad Pav Bhaji first. The pav was made of whole wheat and took a great load off our digestive juices. On top of that, it was yummy.

We also tasted the white sauce pasta. Never before an Alfredo in a kulhad has tasted so good. The star dish of the day was Mac n Cheese. The crust was a perfect golden brown and cracked on cutting. Buttery, cheesy, flavorsome; it was everything you can hope for in a Mac n Cheese.

For dessert we chose the chai pie, which again was made with whole wheat. Perfectly baked, it was a great end to the day. A must try at only Rs. 49.

Everything served at Mitti comes in a kulhad. This ensures that you are contributing to the employement of the potters and also not generating waste while consuming food. The menu may come off a little pricy in comparison to other cafes and local outlets, but there is no compromise whatsoever on the quality and wholesomeness of the food.

Overall a great place to visit if you’re looking for yummy healthy food!                    


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