Blogger’s meet at Mc’s Fusion

In the middle of the city, at a square bustling with local food, shops and market lies an authentic chipotle-style Tex-Mex cafe. A typical American diner, the novelty of the taste here will amaze you. One would expect it to be run by a young boy who must’ve spent quite some time in the States; instead to great surprise and admiration the person behind this new food outlet in Indore is a very sweet man who seems to know a great deal about every ingredient that goes into his dishes.

We visited Mc’s Fusion- American Mexican Grill for a tasting and reviewing session with the Indore Blogger’s Association.

The cafe has a a three floor breakdown, with colourful and minimalistic interiors, the ground floor being open for the customers. The first floor is a private place for gatherings, parties and birthdays and includes a small disc. And the second floor has a snooker table for all those players. The charges are very low for the game-zone and the best part is that soft drinks are on the house!

Decorated with Mexican styled paintings and photographs, the cafe has a warm ambience.

The dinner for the bloggers’ meet was very elaborate and they ended up serving almost everything on their menu. We tasted the following dishes:

  1. Burrito Bowl
  2. Burrito Wrap
  3. Classic Quesadillas
  4. Classic Nachos Grande
  5. Salad Mexicana
  6. Classic Hotdog
  7. Mc’s Mexican Style Noodles
  8. Pasta Italiano
  9. Classic Salsa Sandwich
  10. Veg Burger


Bowl of an authentic Tex-Mex dish, assembled with veggies and greens and rice, is perfect for a vegetarian filling lunch. They use actual imported black beans and the sour cream is to die for! A non-veg version of the burrito bowl includes yummy chicken pieces as well. 


A classic wheat tortilla stuffed with pieces of paneer tossed in a rich gravy and vegetable fillings. The filling was delicious, and can be customised according to your taste. 


Toasted flour based tortilla, heated with cheese, flattened and stuffed with vegetables. It had a perfect blend of the filling and the sauces. It was close to the Burrito wrap in taste could have been a little firmer. But overall it was great in taste!


The classic crispy tortilla chips, loaded with black beans and veggies, served with sour cream. They tasted brilliant and were garnished perfectly. The salsa dressing is amazing. Anyone with a love for nachos must definitely try this.


Greens and veggies like cherry tomatoes, black beans, zucchini, lettuce, corn and bell-peppers tossed lightly in feta cheese. A salad with cheese is always a win both for taste and health.


Vegetable and paneer filled between the classic hotdog bread. Could have had a better filling in the vegetarian version. Doesn’t work for people expecting a classic American style hotdog. You can try the non-veg one with a sausage filling, if you’re a non-vegetarian.


Noodles with regular vegetables tossed in a Mexican style sauce, topped with manchurian balls cooked in a different style. The non-vegetarian version comes with chicken pieces. Not one of the best dishes of the day though.



Penne pasta, tossed in vegetables like carrots, zucchini, bell-peppers, parsley, along with cheddar and parmesan cheese. Parmesan + parsley= great pasta! Not a dish for people expecting Indian versions of white-sauce pasta.


The one-of-a-kind sandwich, available only at this place in the city, has veggies and a tangy salsa filling, which makes it unlikely and unique and also great in taste.


A classic aloo patty burger, served along with fries, gives you a typical American vibe while indulging. The taste is sublime and fresh. For non-veg lovers, the burger is available with a ham patty!

All in all, the experience at Mc’s Fusion was delightful, in terms of food, service, ambience and hospitality. I would definitely recommend the place to all those whose tastebuds crave a distinctive flavour every now and then. Also if you want to taste guacamole, you don’t have many options in the city, do you?

Must try’s:

Burrito Bowl, Burrito Wrap, Classic Nachos Grande and Chicken Wings. 


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