Bloggers Brunch at HobNob Gourmet Cafe-bar 

In our first visit to Hobnob Cafebar, Chef Shaun made sure it wouldn’t be our last. We were welcomed at this exceptional place with an even more exceptional service. The Bloggers Brunch 1.0 has topped the list of days that will be etched in our memory.

To begin with, Hobnob has a delightfully aesthetic look, it gives an almost other-worldly feeling when you visit. You could grab any seat in there and feel like you are in a huge metropolitan city in the world. The outside is spacious and minimalistic, a perfect setting for a cafe-bar. The inside has a comfortable and homey atmosphere. Adorned with wood products and warm colors, Hobnob’s interior is extremely well-done.

The menu spectacularly puts an end to montony of the usual cafes. Whether it is drinks or food, Hobnob has a great assortment of options to choose from and each one is equally lip-smacking as the other. Our personal favourite was the desi pataka smoothie with an interesting twist of spices, the wood fired thin crust pizza like no other in town and the decadent tiramisu that tips you over to gratification. The remarkable lemongrass tea deserves a mention too. The flawless service by the Hobnob team made the experience an unparalleled one.

While some places are only good for either a coffee date or an exciting night out, Hobnob is certainly a spot for both. We will be visiting again soon, will you?


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